Dear Dr. Acharya,Just to inform you that I am literally enchanted with the repair and up-grading of my teeth that you have recently …

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Herbert Burri

Playback singer Vani Jairam shows us her many talents by giving us a beautiful hand drawn testimonial. Thank you very much for your…

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Vani Jairam

I have been going to Acharya Dental ever since I was 5 . I say this not because I am biased but it is by far the best dental clinic in Chennai…

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Trisha Krishnan

I met Dr. Acharya for the first time more than 10 years ago. Since I had many appointments with her due to the bad conditions of my teeth…

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Mr. Francois Paturle

Several years ago I met with a freak road accident in which I lost a few teeth. I was rushed to a nearby ‘big’ hospital where no doctor/staff…

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Mrs. B. Padma Vathy

It was my first visit to Acharya Dental and it was an amazingly pleasant experience. Both Dr. Varun Acharya and Dr. Umashankari were…

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Mrs. Raja Kumari Ramiah


Painless Local Anaesthesia Technique – A Practice Builder

Administering local anaesthesia to a patient is a science and an art. The “science” lies in understanding the different types of anaesthetics available, their composition, their action, and their application.  The “art” is to choose wisely and master the one procedure that precedes clinical dentistry which could make or break your practice. How do patients judge the […]

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Your mouth when you have a cold

  Taking care of your teeth is simple until suddenly you have constant sneezing or a blocked nose. Coughing, wheezing or sniffing- all these make oral hygiene very difficult. Here are some quick care tips during a cold or flu bout: 1. Hydrate yourself – drink plenty of water. 2. Watch your sugar intake. Use […]

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