A note on Basal Implants

A Note On Basal Implants

Patients occasionally enquire if Acharya Dental does basal implants. The purported benefits of this system mainly stress the concept that these implants can hold the permanent teeth on the day of the surgery, and there is no need to undergo a healing phase with temporary teeth, which is how traditional implants work. We at Acharya Dental strongly believes in a scientific evidence supported approach to plan treatments for patients. Basal implants simply do not have enough long term evidence to support it’s use. In contrast, traditional implants has four decades of scientifically backed evidence supporting their use.
A major issue with basal implants is the lack of flexibility to idealize the shape, size and contour of your teeth. Food getting caught under crowns made with basal implants is a significant issue experienced by patients. We strongly believe that every patient’s requirements are unique, and traditional implants allow us to customize the ideal restorative solution for our patients. Basal implants in their current form are a “one size fits all” type solution.