It is well known that a child’s baby teeth appears at about 6 months of age and stays on till 12 years when all the baby (or milk) teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. The question often asked is, if the baby teeth are to be shed anyway why is it necessary to take care of them at home or by the dentist? Is it not enough to extract them anytime if it becomes necessary because of some problem? Acharya Dental is the leading centre for Pediatric Dentistry in Chennai and is home to the best pediatric dentists in Chennai. We provide answers to your child’s dental health needs by nurturing good habits from the very start. We start with the parents to educate them on the importance of caring for baby teeth till they are shed naturally as the growing jaw develops.

The primary teeth are the predecessors of the permanent teeth and maintain space for them till they are developed fully and ready to erupt into the mouth. Losing the baby teeth earlier causes permanent teeth to come into unwanted positions and are responsible for crooked teeth. This is why we provide Pediatric Dentistry in Chennai to prevent wrong alignment and poor dental hygiene.

Baby teeth can be affected by dental caries or tooth decay as early as 2 years if they are on the feeding bottle for too long. The discomfort, pain and difficulty in eating are very traumatic for these children. Kids with decay in their teeth also chew softer sugary foods due to difficulty in chewing. The growth and development of the jaw are also affected and could affect the permanent teeth underneath. Developing problems in the jaws and faulty alignment of teeth due to space limitations can also be corrected during this stage with interceptive orthodontics. That guides the teeth and the bite into an ideal situation. This avoids complicated orthodontic treatment later on. Treatment for children provided by Pediatric Dentistry in Chennai is focused largely on preventive care and creates awareness. Sealants or coating on teeth and fluoride applications are used to strengthen and protect enamel. This is routine in child care. Fearful children and anxious parents are reassured with the skillful combination of gentle technique, persuasive language and behavior management.  Children, once convinced there is nothing to fear make the best patients and are a delight to treat and motivate. We love them. When children are too small to understand and there are multiple problems requiring several visits, they are treated under General Anesthesia for a short duration. The affected teeth are treated together in a single session. In most instances when children are cooperative, a flavored numbing gel is used to administer a local anesthetic painlessly. Our Pediatric Dentistry in Chennai also provides advice on ideal foods, dietary choices, lifestyle habits and maintenance tips to ensure that the transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth results in your toddler growing up into a healthy, good looking and confident adult.

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