What an experience for an Italian couple walking into Doctor Acharya Dental!!

For anyone going to a dental clinic the first thing that comes to the mind is the pain, the injections, the drill droning sound, the white sterile room…the reclining chair and all those instruments that are going to torture you!! Just something that anyone would avoid as much as possible! Isn’t it?

But when you enter the Acharya Dental you are going to face a complete different experience starting from the reception welcome with a pamphlet describing the Clinic and a form asking you to register giving all the information since at least the last two generations….as they want to know the patient health before taking you “on board”!!

Nice paintings at the walls, a flat screen with entertainment programs kept at low volume for not disturbing those who want to read from a variety of magazines!
Another surprise comes when you enter the “clinic room” because contrary to your expectation, when you are seated in the reclining chair, you face a nice indoor garden giving you a relaxing atmosphere that make you forget what is going to happen to you when the Doctor dentist is asking you to open your mouth…..some pain will be there anyway….. but with a quite different feeling..!
And this fantastic setup is being implemented in almost all the ten clinic rooms wrapped with a soft instrumental music

Then comes Dr. Acharya in her “worthless saree” and, with a straight forward approach, she will explain you what is going to do in your mouth that in our case it was the implant procedure.
As for my wife, she was doubtful and scare to undergo such a procedure, but she had no alternative and she accepted the challenge with an amazing result, better than expected.
She feels more confident and happy with her radiant smile!
Dr.Acharya has the ability during the operation to talk to you so that the anxiety caused by the emotion and the stress is being mesmerized making you feel at ease

Finally we did appreciate the Dr.Acharya assistant personnel, the numerous equip of professional dentist doctors and her very efficient personal secretary

Our friendly regards to Dr. Acharya & Staff
Grazia & Giuseppe Mirabito

Grazia & Giuseppe Mirabito June 11, 2014