I am Ingrid, female, from Germany, 71 years, living since 12 years in India.
In the age of 25 a German dentist promised me, with 30 I will not own a single tooth. Now I turned recently to 71 years and it was my luck, I changed the dentist! I suffered on a serious periodontists through all my life. Many dentists treated me and I was almost traumatized just to see a dentist. With this background I was recommended to Dr. Acharya, because only she offered the option for sedation through an anesthesiologist. The dental clinic is highly professional equipped, her staff very friendly and compassionate. But mostly I loved her honesty, she did not promise the result, because it was a risky treatment including bone augmentation and implants. My German dentists did not want to take the risk. Her profound professionalism and power let me start to trust. And she made it! Now after 8 years I am still looking great with beautiful implants, free of pain and lot of gratitude to this unbelievable woman.
Ingrid March 6, 2017