My children and I have been patients with Acharya Dental for at least 6 or 7 years now and the services, facilities, and use of technology keep on improving with time. I was very pleasantly surprised to have the phone attendant anticipate what I was calling about yesterday when I called to make an appointment, proving that Dr. Acharya and her son Dr. Varun and staff keep meticulous records and understand their patients’ needs, even after several months have passed. I also notice the same staff in attendance from visit to visit, which also makes a good experience for the patient. As I get older and require more help with maintaining my dental health the combination of excellent doctors, facilities, and support staff make a difference.

Dr. Varun has been particularly helpful in the last few months helping me solve some problems and Dr. Deepak has seen my son through braces and retainers, both Doctors patiently answering all questions and proceeding only when we fully understood options.

I definitly recommend a visit to Acharya Dental for a consultation if you are experiencing any difficulties with your teeth or for routine cleaning.

Margaret Rajan June 20, 2018