“I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Acharya whilst on a visit to Chennai, and remembered her well when my London dentist informed me that all my teeth (which I had had trouble with all my life) should come out. He recommended implants, at a cost which was very high.

I had been impressed with Dr. Acharya’s clinic, her list of qualifications gained in reputable universities in the United States, Japan and London, and her general demeanor. She is a charming, attractive woman who obviously cares for her patients, and who – last but in no way least – runs the most efficient, spotless, up-to-date dental clinic that I have come across anywhere in the world. This includes Dubai, Hongkong, Cairo, the United States and London, our home.

She replaced all my teeth over a period of 2/3 years, (I understand that the procedure can now take much less time than this) and I have never had any problems with my mouth since the last implant was placed in my mouth. She employs her own technicians, who made the prosthetics, and the clinic has all those complicated pieces of machinery involved in dentistry these days.

Including the three return airfares from London to Chennai, and hotel bills, the whole adventure cost me less than one third of that which I would have had to pay either in London or in the United States. And the icing on the cake: she never once hurt me, and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a fully paid up member of the cowards’ club!
I have recommended many patients to Dr.Acharya”

Monica Brown
London/United States: 2007

June 11, 2014