What differentiates between excellence and average in any field but more specifically in the medical world is attention to the 4 C’s- concern, commitment, competence and cost
( value for money) Most medical facilities ignore the first two and are indifferent to the last- hoping exhibition of knowledge is key to success-for whose success ? The result is a very large group of disgruntled, unhappy, angry patients. I am no exception to this crowd-
After going through a grueling and painful experiences for over 5 years with various highly qualified dentists – I chose to go over to ‘ The Acharya Dental clinic’ – for my partial dentures- Met both Drs. Vijailakshmi and Varun- their approach to my issues was extremely professional with demonstrative concern and commitment- the plan drawn was executed to my total satisfaction. With absolutely no pain and able to eat, bite, chew, freely is a joy, I cannot describe adequately..I feel rejuvenated..A huge relief for me after many years..
The facility projects a very high standard of maintenance- developed an environment so soothing, that I call it ‘ dental resort ‘ –
In Chennai, the mother and son duo have created an institution, for dentistry, for the nation to be proud of- Their work should now extend to impart their values to the future dentists by Installing a dental training course for applied patient welfare.
I do not normally vocalize my views, but have made an exception as I felt it is about time a good work is appreciated publically-

There is a need to look for improvements in their secretarial sections – hope this would be looked into..

Keep the good work Dr. Vijailakshmi and the youthful Dr. Varun ..
God bless you ..

September 28, 2017