Teeth defines ‘beauty’ of a face and Acharya Dental has been the place where my family (including myself) has been getting ‘beautified’ for the past 40 years. (I am 72 now)
Dental treatment typically associates with painful processes and ordeals that one should undergo every time. But, Acharya Dental is a place where treatment becomes an experience and pain becomes pleasure. We couldn’t remember even a single case of after-effects or side effect for any dental treatment that we have undergone here despite the fact that we have done simple dental check-ups till complex root canal procedures and gum and cap filling.
You don’t go to the hospital repeatedly if you don’t find comfort and cure. While your medical cure is with the hands of an experienced doctor, the comfort levels resides in the hospital premises.
With the world class, state of the art dental facility at the Acharya Dental, one can experience the comfort automatically just by stepping inside the premises. You must visit to experience it as words alone can’t describe adequately.
Dr. Acharya has been proving that she is a good human as she is a doctor by serving the needy with care and warmth.
I pray Almighty to shower His choicest blessing upon her future endeavors and a happy and healthy dental service to the people.

January 28, 2019