I come here in 2007 from Italy very scared about the Dentist because of the traumatic experiences in my childhood. In Chennai I was told that this clinic is the best place.

I came with many dental problems so I requested for full treatment and for Implant options. Though I have full set of Implants in my mouth,I never experienced any pain. From the first day I wakeup from sleep without any pain since the day: came for treatment, during the implant.

I feel as Dr. Acharya as the queen. She gives the best moral support and comforts like a mother. So I never feel scared of dentistry in this clinic.

She is very meticulous in her work like a Jewellery designer and always provides the best. I feel very happy about all the support and comfort they provide. They are all very soft, spoken and so nursing with helping heart and soft handling. They all are so good. They work without any hesitance ever when I feel very uncomfortable and chair keeping my mouth open.

I visited my Dentist in Italy in between. He was very surprised to see the impeccable work. He said he had a misconception about the quality of the services provided by the Indian Dentist. Now he had changed his point of view. He had even taken photographs of my teeth and wants to visit this clinic and to see the way Dr. Acharya works.

I’ve seen many people after the Implants, sharing a very bad experience of pain and swelling the day and the next after their Implant surgery but I never experienced any. Even my friends in Italy are very scared about Implants. My dentist in Italy astonished to see the quality of service provided with the same Implants what they use in my country with an excellent job performed and the result.

Thanks to Dr. Acharya and her team for providing me the excellent treatment and making me feel as comfortable as at home.

Ms.Giandonata Begliuomini March 4, 2014