Dear Dr. Acharya,

For 20-plus years, my husband and I have been your dental patients. I thought now was the time to write to say how grateful we have been that we chose you and your practice for our dental need.

Although we departed Chennai in 1991 at the end of our term at the U.S. Consulate General, we return to Chennai from our diverse overseas postings every 2-3 years to visit our friends here and to consult with you.

We have always been absolutely confident that we are receiving expert and up-to-the-minute care at your clinic. Even though we see you only at 2-3 years intervals, our records have always been accessible and up to date. We are deeply impressed by your unwavering commitment to obtaining the latest training for yourself and your staff, ensuring everyone at Acharya Dental Clinic is current with state -of-the-art materials and techniques.

As a U.S. Ambassador, the timings of my visits depend greatly upon events in my country of assignment yet you have never failed to accommodate my timings, no matter how abruptly I schedule my visit nor how short my stay.

As long as there is an Acharya dental practice, my husband and I will be your patients. Many many thanks for all your wonderful care of us over the years.

With warm regards,
Patricia Moller

Patricia N.Moller March 4, 2014