Dr. Acharya is a dentist par excellence. Our first meeting was in June 2011 for a consultation regarding my dental health. After a thorough assessment which included an oral examination, X-rays and other relevant technology, she made several recommendations; one of which was for two implants to replace the missing molars in my left jaw. I gave my consent to Dr. Acharya for the implants, and in the past five years that extra pair of teeth has been of immense benefit to me.

Two years later (June 2013), I revisited Dr. Acharya for a consultation regarding some discomfort in the area surrounding my left jaw. She carefully evaluated the implants and did some readjustment, after which the discomfort disappeared completely and has never reappeared. I might add that she declined to accept any payment from me.

Dr. Acharya always went the extra mile to ensure that I received service of the highest quality whenever I have visited her clinic. I was very impressed by her dedication to her work and patients. Not only she, but also her staff at the clinic demonstrated high ethical and professional standards. Although it is now three years since my last visit to Acharya Dental, I have no reason to believe that their quality of care has ebbed. To anyone who seeks outstanding dental care, I recommend Acharya Dental without hesitation.

Rajan S. Mahadevan July 4, 2016