Dr. Acharya and her associates provided dental care for me and my husband while we lived in Chennai. I was so happy with the results that I sent my two grown children to her when they came to visit. She also provided outstanding emergency care to my 79-year old father when he had problems on a visit to Chennai.

Upon learning of my transfer back to the U.S., I approached Dr. Acharya about some extensive replacement of crowns, old fillings and cosmetic gum repair. My time was very limited so we agreed on a long initial appointment with Conscious Sedation. All of the basic preparation work for crowns and filling along with gum surgery was done in one sitting. My experience was outstanding. The procedure was pain-free and accomplished in less than two weeks. On top of the outstanding treatment, my cost was about 25% of similar treatment in the U.S. Dr. Acharya has the latest technology and equipment – she is far more modern than my U.S. dentist! I would highly recommend Dr. Acharya and her associates for any dentistry treatment. I would also recommend Conscious Sedation for long sessions, painful work or just for those who are scared!

murphree sherry March 4, 2014