I have had a great experience with Acharya Dental Clinic and would highly recommend the clinic to anyone who needs major implant, bone grafting and dental care from inside or outside India. It is far more affordable and the care is top notch. I needed extensive work done on both my upper and lower teeth, including implants, bone grafts and bridges. It took two trips to Chennai over a six month period to accomplish all the work. The staff was attentive and caring throughout the entire process. The result is that I have a beautiful smile and feel much more confident than I ever have before, with teeth that should last the rest of my life. Dr Varun still keeps in touch to be certain I am following all procedures and ensure the longevity of my new teeth. Thank you to Drs Vijayalakshmi and Varun and all the clinic staff for your excellent care.

Sue Wilson June 15, 2015