Four years ago, I had trouble with a front tooth on the upper jaw, which had to be pulled out sooner than later. The teeth on either side of it had crowns on them. The only reasonable solution to the problem was to have an implant, if I do not want to walk around with a “Gateway of India” at the front! I was told that the best expert in Chennai on implants is Dr Vijailakshmi Acharya of Acharya Dental. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning, but eventually went in for it to save my smile. Dr Acharya has enormous experience in implant surgery and has set up the steps involved in the procedure with meticulous attention to all details. The surgery went off very well and within months, I had a permanent solution.

Even before this problem arose, I had a plastic bridge on the front lower jaw fixed ten years ago. The teeth which were holding the bridge started to give trouble recently. Dr Acharya suggested three possible solutions. I intuitively picked the implant solution and today I have the “best smile” in town and am making more heads to turn!

If you have a similar problem and can afford the cost (which is still a small fraction of the cost abroad), please consider the implant solution. The benefits are not only functional but also cosmetic and psychological.

V Raghavan June 13, 2014