East or West, Dr. Acharya’s the best

I grew up in Hongkong and have lived in Tokyo and California for a decade each. I admit I had been careless about my dental care. Hence, frequent visits to dentists have been the story of my life.

I used to be petrified of dentists. The thought of dingy clinics smelling of chloroform always evoked fear in me. As a busy mother of four, dental appointments started getting complicated. Running around different dentists for different requirements, locating x-ray centers and having to go back to retrieve results became extremely time consuming.

I developed gum disease in my mid thirties. My dentist casually told me four of my front teeth have to go. I was devastated! I upped my dental regimen. However, the next decade I was one long series of acute pain and awful experiences.

Finally, my wish came true in the form of Dr. Acharya’s clinic.

Clean, aesthetically appealing interiors, state of the art equipment, a plethora of expert minds and hands under one roof and an efficient, gracious staff materialized in my life. The clinic is an embodiment of the beautiful good doctor Dr. Vijailakshmi Acharya. A ONE STOP SHOP for all your dental needs for your ENTIRE family. Dental heaven on earth!

Today, when I schedule appointments at Dr. Acharya’s, my once fearful children insist on tagging along. “Mom, are you going to Dr. Acharya’s. Can I please come along?” is their plea.

So what are you waiting for!

March 4, 2014