I’m from Poland and working on contract for an Indian company. Having a problem with my just broken tooth I was looking for a help. Dr Acharya’s dental clinic was recommended by my Polish friends already visiting the clinic for few years even with their children. After first visit I decided to change my initial plan of temporary treatment to complex fixing of my mouth. It was just first impression of a confidence and good atmosphere there. Since January till August 2016 I have completed almost all really big treatment included root canals, crowns, fillings,regrow sinus (lift procedure)and three implants. After the treatment I’m filling the teeth like my own ones. Reception team was very helpful whenever I needed to change an appointment. The last my crown will be fixed on the implant very soon.

After few months of my experience with Acharya dental I can say It’s the best dentist clinic I ever met before. The main part of the treatment was done by Dr Varun Acharya and his mother DrVijailakshmi Acharya. The clinic provides complex service in one place. At the beginning I received general evaluation of my teeth with various proposals of treatment and detailed explanation. According to chosen option Acharya team developed a treatment plan adjusted to myjob. Then the plan was executed step by step without any problems. I think I had no complications because of the highest level of hygienevery good equipment used and always same exact procedures for checking the quality on each step of a task done. No doubt is left.

Acharya dental applies advanced materials and technologies what can be considered today as a standard but for me well above standard was application of anaesthesia -an injection. Before Acharya it was always the most unpleasant experience to me. Dr Varun Acharya shows that it can be done without any pain. Amazing.

I had very good experience with all other doctors and staff of the clinic. Now, my wife after her first visit in Acharya is a fan of the clinic as well.

Zygmunt Kornatowski December 8, 2016