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International Patients

For over four decades now, Acharya Dental has been helping people smile with confidence. We deal with dental issues in a holistic manner, ranging from simple procedures to complex cosmetic dentistry and carry them out with ease, precision and professionalism.

Acharya Dental has been catering to dental needs of thousands of patients every year from all around the globe. Due to our high quality dental care, our patients find it very convenient and economical to fly down to Chennai, India for their dental work. Would you ask for more, if you could get your dental work done and combine it with a relaxing vacation in a city full of calm beaches and serene temples?

Our international patients are guided at every step to get to us.

Get in touch with us


    +91-44-49501100 /+91-44-28224114 /+91-44-28274114

Our doctors will get in touch with you to analyse your requirements and have a clear understanding of your case. A telephone or skype call will be organised, for detailed explanation of the treatment plan and estimate.

Once the treatment plan and estimate are discussed and the cost of treatment is finalised, we can proceed to the next step.

Plan your travel to chennai

As per your convenience, the dates for your treatment and travel to India will be finalized. Detailed information regarding the Indian Medical Visa as well as guidelines on obtaining one can be found at

You will need to obtain an Indian Medical Visa and book flight tickets to Chennai International Airport (Airport Code: MAA). Our hospitality partners can assist you with reservations.

Welcome to Chennai

Our hospitality staff will receive you and your accompanying guests at the airport and make sure you are comfortably brought to your accommodation. Pickup and drop services to the clinic can be arranged. In order to make your stay more comfortable, we will provide you with a local number.

Treatment at Acharya Dental

You will be brought to our clinic as per your scheduled appointment. Our expert team of doctors will do a complete examination using relevant diagnostic aids. A definitive treatment plan will be discussed with you in detail. On your approval, the necessary treatment will be commenced. We usually recommend staying for a few days longer in Chennai or travelling nearby after treatment completion so that you can come back to us for an adjustment if needed.