Acharya Dental has had an in-house laboratory since it’s inception, and our laboratory has grown from strength to strength. Our lead ceramist and dental technicians work together to create the most beautiful esthetics achievable with the latest technology including metal free Zirconia and E.max crowns, injection molded dentures and computer aided design and milling. The major advantage of an in-house laboratory is the quick turnaround time and the great degree of quality control we have on laboratory work.

Acharya Dental is one of the handful of private practices in the world that has a fully functional dental laboratory. This is a huge advantage to you, the patient, as we are able to complete your dental work at a much faster time frame than most other dental practices. All departments of a typical dental laboratory, namely metal work, acrylic denture work, wax fabrication, ceramic layering and CADCAM zirconia milling takes place in-house at Acharya Dental. This allows us to have your completed restoration available to you in a single day, a process that normally takes another dental practice upto 2 weeks.

Dental Labs

Another major advantage of an in-house dental laboratory is the fact that small additions and modifications to the restoration can be done immediately while you wait in the dental chair to enable us to deliver the perfect prosthetic to you. The Acharya Dental Laboratory is a world class laboratory, and we do not compromise any step so that your completed restoration is a perfect work of art, mimicking nature at it’s most beautiful.

Acharya Dental Lab

Acharya Dental employs a team-based approach to your care, and the dentists often call upon the technician chairside so they can see your teeth in person and provide their expert technical opinion. This team-based approach reduces the need for corrections and modifications and improves the likelihood of obtaining a perfect shape and colour match for your future tooth. The Acharya Dental laboratory has a beautiful outdoor environment that allows our master dental ceramist to match the colour of your teeth in natural light. This ensures a perfect shade match for your new restoration.

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