Painless dentistry has entered a new era with Lasers. An amplified high energy light source replaces the dental drill and scalpel which patients have feared for many years. At Acharya Dental, we use Dental lasers for the following applications:

  • Implant surgeries
  • Removal of tooth decay
  • Gum Lightening
  • Biopsies
  • Disinfection during Root Canal Therapy
  • Speed up healing of mouth ulcers

As patients typically feel less pain with Lasers when compared to the drill, little or no anesthesia is needed when a laser is used. If you hate the sound of the dental drill, you will love the laser.

The use of the Dental laser depends on your clinical situation, and your eligibility for its use will be determined at the time of treatment planning.

What is the advantage of using dental lasers?

A. Dental Lasers use amplified light to focus a beam of concentrated energy on the area that is being worked on. In many cases, they are much more convenient to use that scalpels and other surgical instruments. Patients who have had a laser procedure done typically complain of less discomfort after the procedure as well.

Will it bleed during or after the procedure?

A. Due to how a dental laser operates, there is minimal to no bleeding during the procedure. This is another major advantage of the laser as it allows the Acharya Dental team to work more efficiently.

Will it be painful during or after the procedure?

A. All laser procedures are done under local anesthesia at Acharya Dental. You will not feel any pain at all during the procedure. A mild “raw” feeling of the gums may be felt after the local anesthesia wears off for a day or two.

What are the precautions to be taken after the procedure?

A: Dental laser procedures result in little or no discomfort following surgery. Take the prescribed pain medications according to instructions, if needed. Avoid chewing food in the areas of the mouth where the laser has been used for a few days. The Acharya Dental team will be able to give you more specific instructions on this after the procedure.

Do I need anaesthesia for the procedure?

A: Yes, even though the discomfort may be mild when using the laser without anesthesia, the Acharya Dental team strongly prefers to use anesthesia during a laser procedure.

How long does it take to heal?

A: Procedures done with a laser usually heal very fast. Depending on the location and extent of the procedure, the healing time can be anywhere from 1-3 days.

Painless dentistry

We use advanced Dental Lasers for patients to provide painless treatments. It Gives less pain compared to the drill, little or no anesthesia is needed when a laser is used.