A ‘flowering toothbrush! ‘ Do you know what that is? Read on… A brand new toothbrush feels and looks new. The tufts are in an even row. Your mouth feels clean and plaque free after you brush. A month later the bristle tips get softer and the rows seem to be wider. Cleaning is not so effective.  Three to four months later, it happens. The brush flowers open and now there is no control on where these will go when you brush your teeth. As a result, the tooth brush loses its effectiveness and your gums may get injured.  So how often should you change your brush ?  Once in 3- 4 months is a good practice. If your brush gets frayed earlier it may be a warning that your technique is too aggressive and you may be wearing down your enamel or hurting your gums.  Look at your toothbrush once in a while and make an educated guess as to when you need to get a new one.

old toothbrushes April 12, 2016