When the Indian Dental Association collaborated with Switzerland based International Team for Implantology, you know something path breaking is about to happen.

What the Team from overseas could not imagine was the sheer numbers -1500 registered delegates to make the Meet one of its kind.

The overwhelmed Speakers were seen taking a panoramic selfie of their audience to “show the folks back home”. The ITI is a global association of professionals in Implant Dentistry. The ITI’s mission statement is to “serve the dental profession by providing a growing global network for lifelong learning in Implant dentistry through comprehensive quality education and innovative research to the benefit of the patient”.

The ITI Symposium was held in Mumbai at the expansive Hotel Sahara on the 5th October 2019. In an unique move, the far thinking visionary and president of the Indian Dental Association, Dr. Janak Raj Sabharwal along with Dr. Ashok Dhoble bridged the gap to bring on to the Indian stage a galaxy of luminaries renowned in the world of Dental Implants. The Speakers were spearheading the research and concepts in the practice of Implantology. Their Implant Division, Straumann, was just making their entry into the crowded dental Implant Market hopeful of breaking ground and positioning their product in the premium niche. Their USP ? Backed by sound research and unique design with a majority of the world share, Straumann is confident of success in their Indian venture.

The statistics speak for theirself. The realty that was clear was, indeed, Indians needed dental implants, trailing behind the US, China, Korea and many smaller countries in the uptake of dental implants. 

The ITI brings home a message. Learning and education are two different things. Learning is how to do it versus get educated on the logic or reasoning for why we do it. The subjects of the Symposium with Speakers such as Dr. Stephen Chen, Dr. Daniel Buser, Dr. Daniel Thoma and Dr. Christoph Hammerle were rich with new information laced with age old wisdom and many home truths.

All our patients want it done faster, easier and cheaper, but this may not always be possible. While Implant designs are being modified for immediate loading, experience and literature show us that all cases cannot be speeded up. A staged approach or delayed one, immediate loading – all these are choices that have to be weighed carefully by the educated and enlightened Implantologist on behalf of his patient for his good.

The Indian Dental Association lends its ‘desi’ flavor with all its spice and colour to make the event meaningful and fun. ‘Straumann” party was full of ‘Chaat Masala’!

And so it was that the guests from Switzerland who lent ‘cheese’ were given a taste of legendary Indian Hospitality. The Team from IDA that made it possible does indeed deserve a standing ovation. Thank you, Organizing Committee for a sterling meet and memorable event!

– Dr. Vijailakshmi Acharya

November 18, 2019