“A smile is a curved line that can straighten out most things”.

We live in a competitive world where the buzz word is confidence. You have at your disposal the conveniences of modern living and are part of a global presence. What would it take to be a First Among Equals? Simple. A dazzling smile.

Your smile can be infectious. Your smile can take you places. Your smile can conquer. There is magic in your smile……Now stop to think what is it that constitutes your smile.

It is the set of your jaw, your mouth, your lips, your gums, and yes, of course your teeth. The emotion comes from within but it has to be translated through the mouth which is why our focus rests here.

So how do you know if your smile has zing, power and passion in it? To do this, you have to first analyse your smile. Stand in front of a mirror, preferably a magnifying one, with the light falling on your face. It could be natural light or fluorescent such as from a tube light. Look closely and note the following:

1.Do the tips of the teeth show when you smile slightly?
2.Are the upper front teeth slightly longer than the next teeth?
3.Are the upper two front teeth too wide?
4.Are the upper six front teeth uneven?
5.Are there spaces between the front teeth?
6.Are the front teeth protruding or sticking out?
7.Do the teeth look crowded or overlapping?
8.Are the teeth all of same colour when you smile broadly?
9.Are your teeth stained or disoloured? (Creamy, Yellow, Grey, Brown)
10.Do the tooth-colored fillings in the front teeth match the shade of other teeth?
11.Are the front teeth darker than the others?
12.Are the lower six front teeth even?
13.Are there any stains and discolorations from fillings that show when you smile?
14.Can you see or feel with your fingernail a ditched-in “V” on the necks of your teeth indicating erosion?
15.Do your gums show when you smile widely?
16.Do your restoration-filling, laminates and crowns -look natural?
17.Are the gums pink and “knife-edged”, or are they red and swollen?
18.Are the gums receding from the necks of the teeth?
19.Do you have decay or gum disease that can cause bad breath?

If you could change your smile, what would you most like to change? For any queries regarding your smile ask: acharya@acharyadental.in

Here are some dental problems:


May 8, 2014