There are some lifestyle changes you can make to get healthier teeth. Dental check-up beyond the occasional visits can be painful, time consuming and costly. Changing our diet slightly will influence your oral health to a great extent. Some changes that we can implement to improve your dental health are:

1) Switch from sugary sodas to sparkling water and fruit. A lot of what you love about soda can be had with this much healthier alternative.

2) Order water with every drink you buy. Water is great for your teeth and mouth. Water can prevent sugary drinks from lingering and causing bad breath and tooth decay, and it will help keep teeth from staining.

3) Phase out chewy candies for hard sweets. Sugar isn’t necessarily bad for you; it’s the acids that are created when the bacteria in your mouth break down sugar

4) Switch to sugar free chewing gum. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid too much sugar, especially if you chew gum a lot.

Make an appointment with us and learn about consuming the right foods to maintain your oral health.

Foods for dental health February 12, 2015