We know that alcohol affects our system and is linked to many diseases. Have you thought of its effect on your mouth? Alcohol erodes the enamel of teeth, which is further worsened by vomiting in heavy drinkers. The acids in the stomach can wear away the teeth and cause darkening and sensitivity. Frequent drinking also affects the gums. Gum disease, sores and ulcers do not heal fast and blood clots do not form quickly after an injury or extraction.This may make minor gum procedures or tooth extractions very complicated.

Oral cancer is the most serious dental problem for chronic heavy drinkers. Alcohol does not directly cause cancer but such people are more vulnerable to the effects of known cancer causing agents such as smoking and chewing tobacco. Alcohol can be fun in moderation and makes for great light-hearted evenings in our stressed lives. It has become the fabric that is woven into all sections of society, we cannot deny that. As long as we are aware and informed about the risks, we are safe.

Tipplers, beware. Sometimes a little could become too much!

Effects of Alcohol March 21, 2016