How do you prevent bad breath from getting worse? Here are some tips.

1) Clean your tongue: The surface of the tongue is home to a potentially foul-smelling bacteria combined with dead cells. Be sure to brush your tongue with your toothbrush after you finish brushing.
2) Rinse after eating and drinking: Rinsing with water works after meals, no matter what you have eaten. Swishing the water around may help remove some of the food particles left in the mouth after a meal and prevent bad breath from setting in.
3) Eat to smell sweet: Celery, carrots and apples are all good options to munch after a meal because these fiber-packed foods will help remove any food that’s stuck in your teeth. These foods also stimulate saliva, which is detrimental to bacteria.
If bad breath persists even after taking these measures, then make an appointment with us at ‪Acharya Dental‬ to find out the exact cause and treatment.

bad breath June 14, 2015