Baby teeth or primary teeth as they are called first appear when your baby is 6 months old. By the time he or she is 2 years old 20 teeth have made their appearance and are there to stay up to 12 years, gradually being lost from 6 years onwards as the new permanent teeth develop.When the “baby” teeth develop cavities or any other problem it is usual to ask the dentist to remove the teeth as a “new one will come anyway”. Why waste time and money on these teeth? This is a very common misconcept. The importance of baby or primary teeth cannot be more underlined.

These teeth help jaw growth during the formative years. They act as a guide for the underlying teeth which are to come later. They help your child to chew well and speak properly. If a tooth is lost earlier due to either an accident or due to an infection, the permanent teeth will not replace them immediately. This is because these new teeth have to develop and will come into the mouth only when it is mature enough. Until such time the early loss of the baby teeth can cause difficulty in chewing, speech problems and traumatic visits to the dentist for extraction. Would you not like to give your child a gift of good dental health, carefree routine visits to the dentist and the loving care that only an informed parent can give?

October 19, 2014