Suman* was very upset.
When she had begun professional modelling three years ago, she had gone to the dentist to fix her smile with ceramic veneers. She was very happy with the results and her career soared to great heights. She had hectic shooting schedules, working hard and playing harder. She showed off her beautiful smile during photo shoots and to her large circle of admirers and friends.
She knew that her smile, along with her face, was indeed her fortune. She took very good care of her teeth and her veneers, brushing and flossing regularly.
She was in for a rude shock one morning when she noticed that there was a fine crack line on her veneered incisor. The edges of two of the teeth appeared jagged and chipped.
Tearfully, she made a visit to the dentist. Why did this happen?
Detailed analysis revealed that Suman had some habits that she was unaware of that had caused this problem.
During her make – up sessions she would hold hairpins, clips, safety pins and even pencils between her teeth. She often bit her nails when nervous, bored, excited or worried. She bit into almonds, walnuts and other hard crusty food with her front teeth.
Though ceramic veneers and crowns are strong, they are likely to break or get damaged when subjected to sharp direct force. Even natural teeth can chip in this fashion.
What was the remedy offered by Acharya Dental?
We replaced her veneers to bring back the sunshine into that stunning smile.
What else? We told Suman all that we just told you on this page. 

Caution , Caution , Caution !

*Name changed

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September 29, 2016