Teeth Whitening

Whitening is a cosmetic procedure which removes stains from your teeth and restores them to their original colour. The degree of whitening is dependent on the amount of discoloration. These stains can occur because of various reasons such as drinking tea, coffee, wine, smoking and medications, to name a few.

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Laser Dentistry

Lasers in dentistry is used for surgical procedures as it melts away tissue it makes contact with. As compared to a drill or knife, this greatly reduces pain during the procedure. At ‪#‎AcharyaDental‬, we use dental lasers for the following applications: 1) Implant surgeries 2) Removal of tooth decay 3) Gum lightening 4) Biopsies 5) […]

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Sensitive Teeth

Do you have sensitive teeth?Some of the main causes of sensitive tooth are: allergies, sinus pressure, clenching, grinding, breathing through the mouth, tooth decay, and gum disease. Click http://goo.gl/4VtnOO to make an appointment to find tiny spots of tooth decay and tiny cracks before your tooth starts to ache.

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Careful with counter-Bleaching products

Are you using over-the-counter bleaching products? They may seem like an easy way to help you whiten your teeth but they are highly likely to cause abrasive damage to the teeth if overused or misused. For safe and effective teeth whitening procedure, visit a professional dental hygienist.

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Effects of Acid Attack

Soft drinks and fruit juices (especially the citrus family) can be very harmful to your teeth if consumed in excess. The acids in these drinks can erode away your enamel, causing pain and sensitivity of your teeth. It’s a good idea to rinse your mouth immediately after you consume these drinks to wash away the […]

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Beware of Plaque

Plaque is a soft sticky layer of germs that can form on teeth, over time. Plaque buildup causes cavities which make the dental condition more critical. Hence it is advised to keep plaques away with regular check ups

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Children’s Dental Care

It is advised that children visit a dentist around 6 months after the appearance of his/her first set of teeth. Ensure that either one or both parents accompany the toddler to create a comforting environment. Our trained team of doctors help create a fun, fear-free dental visit for your little one!

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A Flowering toothbrush

A ‘flowering toothbrush! ‘ Do you know what that is? Read on… A brand new toothbrush feels and looks new. The tufts are in an even row. Your mouth feels clean and plaque free after you brush. A month later the bristle tips get softer and the rows seem to be wider. Cleaning is not […]

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Calcium for healthy teeth

The inclusion of milk and other dairy products in your diet is vital for healthy teeth. Calcium is the key ingredient in a mineral called hydroxyapatite that helps strengthen tooth enamel while cheese is rich in a protein called casein that helps stabilize and repair tooth enamel. Ensure that you and your loved ones consume […]

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Toothache? Aspirin is not going to help.

It’s a common misconception that placing crushed asprin next to an aching teeth can help reduce the pain. Not only does the asprin do nothing to reduce the toothache but it can also leave a chemical burn on the cheek and gums adjacent to the tooth. A toothache is often a symptom of a deeper […]

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