When your child‬ loses his or her baby tooth too early due to decay or injury, your dentist‬ will recommend a space maintainer. What are they? They are essentially a metal band or cap that fits around the tooth on one side with a metal loop that extends over the gap and fits snugly against the tooth on the other side. It holds the space of the missing tooth till the underlying permanent tooth erupts. Without it, the tooth near the space will shift and the adult tooth will have insufficient room to come into position normally. As a consequence of this, the adult teeth may tend to come in rotated or in awkward angles or positions. Therefore, space maintainers should be placed as soon as possible after the baby tooth is lost and it should be left in position till the adult tooth begins to erupt. You maybe able to avoid or minimise complicated and extensive orthodontic correction later. Make an appointment for your child athttp://goo.gl/5WknPg to learn more!

space maintainer for you baby's tooth July 29, 2015