Smile Makeover – Are You Ready?

Your smile is usually the first thing people notice about you. Your expression defines what sort of person you are and is a pointer to the state of your health. A brilliant smile can ignite a room and make a thousand hearts flutter. A recent survey showed that 45% of people judged other people by […]

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Put That Cigarette Down

It is simply not worth the bother. Do not delude yourself that a cigarette in hand will win you admiring looks. Puffing away is neither hep nor healthy. In high school, our group of friends was the most closely knit and the best known group of five, admired by the juniors and acknowledged by the […]

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Laser Dentistry

Fear is a common feeling for most people while they wait in the dentist’s office. All those magazines and music just can’t get your mind off those whirring noises. If the thought of that drill operating anywhere in your mouth gives you the chills or a cold sweat then maybe it’s time to investigate laser […]

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Elvis Presley’s Tooth – For Sale!

Welcome to the mad, mad world of memorabilia. We all know die-hard fans collect anything that they can lay their hands on- ties and tees, used perfume, peeling photographs, you name it, they want it. Here’s the ultimate. Elvis Presley of the “Wooden Heart” now has his tooth in a box waiting to be sold, […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry And You

Browsing through a book titled ‘Beauty through the Ages’, I was bemused to see that the concept of beauty has changed so radically. Well Oiled hair, kohl darkened eyes and a buxom figure was the rage of yesteryear, today beauty wears a bold look laced with abandon. Now beauty deals with such intangibles as Attitude […]

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Computer Aided Smile

The savvy updated Hindu reader has read by now extensive information on Cosmetic Dentistry and what it can do to enhance you smile and your life. Now read on- Dentists have been providing esthetic and pleasing solutions for years in the form of caps and veneers to cover, protect or beautify a tooth. On the […]

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Brighter Whiter Teeth

Take a second look at all those beautiful people up there in fashion magazines and on television. What strikes you are those brilliant smiles-gleaming white teeth. Sparkling white teeth send out a message of good health and good grooming.They also make you look youthful and fun to talk to. Yellowed discolored teeth have been a […]

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Analyse your Smile

“A smile is a curved line that can straighten out most things”. We live in a competitive world where the buzz word is confidence. You have at your disposal the conveniences of modern living and are part of a global presence. What would it take to be a First Among Equals? Simple. A dazzling smile. […]

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