Leaf out of George Washington’s book

George Washington, the first president of the United States suffered from severe dental problems. He lost his first tooth at the age of 24 and made innumerable visits to several famous dentists throughout his life. Each time he lost a tooth he preserved it carefully in the hope that it could be used in his […]

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Your evening tipple can cause more than a ripple

Alcohol affects almost all parts of the body and the oral cavity is no exception. Oral cancer is the most serious problem for people who drink and use tobacco heavily, as they are more susceptible to cancer causing agents. Both tooth enamel and gums can be affected. Enamel, the outer covering of your tooth gets […]

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Spreading smiles

Sarah* was always very embarrassed to smile from a very young age, as she had stains on her teeth ever since she can remember. When she smiled, she would always cover her teeth. Stains can be caused by a variety of reasons, but the most common are developmental defects of the teeth, medications taken by […]

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Spreading smiles

Robert* walked in to Acharya Dental, not very happy that his teeth started to look worn out. He did not like the fact that his teeth appeared stained, had gaps between them and also looked like they were cracking. Within a week, using ceramic crowns, we helped Robert get back a winning smile which he […]

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Teething timeline

Here are two handy guides to help you determine if your child’s teeth are erupting according to schedule. A good time for your child to make his or her first dental visit is 1 year of age, or 6 months after the first tooth erupts in the mouth.        

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Cavities on crowned teeth

Can you still get cavities after you crown a tooth? Unfortunately, yes you can. An artificial crown covers a tooth only upto a certain point, and anything below the crown (usually the root surface of the tooth) is still susceptible to cavities. This is why a proper diet, brushing and flossing are critical even after […]

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Why you must floss

A lot of our patients have been asking us about the recent article by the Associated Press that essentially states that flossing does not help your oral health. Plaque and food accumulated on teeth have been shown to cause cavities without a shadow of doubt. Flossing helps get rid of these deposits and will thereby […]

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Transforming smiles

Smaller cavities can be filled with simple filling material, but larger defects of the teeth frequently need crowns or veneers to re-position them for a pleasing smile. We completed Suresh’s* treatment several years ago in two short visits with a few simple crowns that immediately transformed his smile from embarrassing to confident. * Name changed. […]

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Spreading Smiles

Justin* walked into Acharya Dental with a question. Why, he asked, does my smile does not look right? He had been to a dentist recently who gave him a composite bonded filling, but he was still not happy. After doing a Smile Analysis we found that Justin had ended up with a smile curve that […]

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Brush your teeth the right way.

Many people employ the wrong brushing technique and end up causing damage to their gums and teeth. This simple video briefly explains how to brush your teeth effectively. Acharya Dental always recommends you use a soft-medium tooth brush.

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